SSH from one Mac to another

2nd November 2022

It is often desirable to be able to SSH or SCP from your machine into another Mac sat right next to you on your desk. Yet the setting to enable you to do so is not immediately obvious.

Using the machine you'd like to log in to, open System Preferences and click on "Sharing".

System Preferences > Sharing

In the panel on the left, tick the box to enable "Remote Login". A green light should appear next to a label stating: "Remote Login: On"


Under the line containing the green light, there should now be instructions of how to log in based on the machine name or IP.

ssh username@


ssh username@my-mbp.lan

At this point, you should go back to the other machine and attempt to use these details to SSH in.


You should also be able to SCP in with the same credentials. SCP enables you to copy a file from a remote machine to your local machine.

scp username@ ~


Once you've done the work you need to do, it's probably a good idea to turn off the Remote Login setting you turned on earlier.