Jon Winstanley

Software Developer, London UK

I build web sites and iPhone apps

Making things is fun. Luckily, that's what I get to do every day in my job, plus it spills over into my spare time too.

I like to use technology that gets a project
up and running quickly


A frontend Javascript framework for building user interfaces


A PHP framework that makes life easier


A powerful language for building apps and games for the iPhone



The first iPhone game I created, got a few thousand downloads and made little money through advertisements. Seems to be a game that people enjoy playing.

Football Stats Quiz

Ultimately this game needed more variety in the types of question, but football stats fans did enjoy playing it.

Show Engagement

Show Engagement was a project to make better use of large screens by displaying relevant twitter chats during events.

Password Generator

Generate a unique password for all websites from a single master password.

Best Shop Guide

One of my first side projects, this website compared prices for products across Amazon, Ebay and other shopping websites.

Google Charts Generator

A web page to help generate Google Charts.


A better way to make a decision.


Movie ratings between friends.