Google Chrome has become the most important project in modern computing

12 05 2011

Initially, the Chrome browser was created to bring some new thinking to the web browser market. It aimed to be secure, fast, simple and stable and within 3 years it gained a significant part of the worldwide browser market share. As of March 2011 it stands at 17.4% according to Stat Counter.

But how can it be so important?

Google has been working on a new Operating System called Chrome OS. The Google Chrome brower is the centre of the OS and it has some very distinct advantages over other Operating Systems such as Windows or Apple's OS X.

As you may have noticed, the way we use our computers is changing. These days virtually everything we do on a computer is done on the web.

Working this way brings us a lot of advantages:

The Chrome OS turns your laptop into a lean, mean, web browsing machine. There is no other software on the laptop and the hardware is stripped back too, meaning they can achieve: 10 second boot times, extraordinarily long battery life and very cheap prices.

When can I buy one?

The first laptops to use the Chrome OS were announced by Google today and will be on sale at Amazon soon. These machines are designed for the web so websites load and run very quickly meaning you can get your work done faster.

These are cheap laptops which need no maintenance, upgrade themselves, start up quickly and let you get stuff done without any hassle.

I feel a revolution is coming.