6 fantastic web sites built to promote iPhone applications

21st August 2009

A recent trend in web design is the increased appearance of beautiful websites built to promote iPhone applications.

From what I can see there are several factors at work here:

  • Graphical artists and web designers have always favoured Apple Mac computers
  • Many iPhone applications are '2nd income'-type projects, and therefore are created out of love rather than as a strictly 'for profit' business need
  • The iPhone is a modern new programming platform and so all web site designs are fresh
  • Many of the developers here will have been heavily influenced by Apple's design process. Which is never a bad thing!

Luckily for web design in general, it now takes an outstanding web site to stand out from the crowd in this industry and so the designers are pushing themselves to get ahead.

Here are a few of my favourites.


Things is a Getting Things Done application by CulturedCode. Their design is clean and clear and shows prospective users what they can expect from the app right on the home page.


Tweetie is arguably the premier Twitter application on the iPhone. The designers have managed to get a lot of information about the app in front of the user while also cross-promoting their other apps.


Similar to Things, Firetask is another Dave Allen inspired application about managing your to-do list. I love the flame graphic in this design. Flames are not easy to do without looking cheesy. The red-hot glow on the bottom of the pictured iPhone is a nice touch.


Zumobi have a lot to say, They have several apps and cover many platforms, however they don't clutter the screen too much.


The guys at Firemint who created Flight Control have used a 1950's art deco look to associate the game with the golden age of aviation. The choice of type and colour scheme reflect this well giving it a consistent feel.


The Airphones designers make quite a nod to twitter and skype in their design but manage to keep their own identity. The site keeps itself very clean by limiting content.

If you know of any better ones, feel free to leave a link in the comments.